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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Winner is Announced...

I would have done the announcement on Saturday, but my weekend was very full. I made a homemade Thanksgiving feast for my hubby and I on Thursday and then the rest of the weekend was busy with Six Flags, shopping, sleeping in, coffee with a friend, thrifting, and movies. :-) Ahhh, it was wonderful! :-D

So today I wrote each name on a piece of paper (some had double entries) and put them in a cup and mixed them up. I then had Michael randomly pick a paper. :-)

Congratulations to my sweet friend
Lauren Rose from North Carolina!

Thank you to everyone for participating in my first giveaway. Be on the lookout for my next one in January!


Lauren said...

YAYA!! I am so excited!! :) Do you need my address?

Cassidy said...

easy as pie! just go to my blog and find the button in the right margin near the bottom that says "free handwriting fonts." that's where you can get some cute ones! then on that same site she has a few tutorials and one is how to make those fonts your blog post titles.

have fun!

Elizabeth Bailey said...

Thought you might be interested in this giveaway at Elana's Pantry (http://www.elanaspantry.com/kumquat-garlic-chicken/). It is for her cookbook (guessing you already have it) and a 5 lb. bag of Almond flour. I missed your giveaway (out on vacation), but saw your comment on my blog about it when we got back. Thanks! It does look like a good one :-), I've had my eye on it since finding out about it when I moved out to CO.


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