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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Calming Smoothie...

I have a VERY energetic 4 year old son. When I tell people that, they respond with "oh, he is a boy!"

When I say energetic, I mean superhero level of super sonic energy all wrapped up in a 4 year old smarty pants little boy. :-P There are some days where I literally feel like I could fall asleep standing up from chasing him around. 

I wasn't feeling very well today and he was in his energizer bunny mode plus being cranky (which is due to him wanting to not go to bed until 10:30 at night and waking at 6:30... yawn!) I tried to think of what I could give him that was 100% natural that would help relax and calm him. He is really so smart and does not have any learning disabilities or other issues so I didn't want to put him on any meds. 

It then came to me to give him chamomile. He does NOT like it straight, even with honey. So I started mixing stuff up and came up with this awesome concoction that he downed in 30 seconds flat. Within an hour of consuming it, he was calm and eventually took a nap (which he desperately needed even while fighting it). 

Chamomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae. These plants are best known for their ability to be made into a tea that helps with sleep. I love Chamomile whenever I have a cold because it really does calm my cough, especially with honey. :-)

Calming Smoothie...
1/4-1/2 greek yogurt
6 ounces of hot water with 2 bags of chamomile tea (steep until dark and let cool until it is no longer super hot)
1 cup of frozen fruit (I used mango, but berries would be yummy too)
1/2-1 teaspoon vanilla
Stevia to taste

Pour all ingredients together in blender or magic bullet and blend until creamy. Drink and enjoy!

* Sorry that no pictures were taken. It was consumed so lickety split, that I just ran out of time. ;-)


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