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Monday, April 22, 2013

Confession Time...

Today should be day 8 of my whole30.

It's actually not day anything anymore. I went off my Whole30 Saturday night. I think anyone who had their in-law's watching their munchkins, and being presented with a romantic date with their spouse, would then probably set some stuff aside. I really did try to be good though. We went to a Creole & Caribbean restaurant in Grand Rapids and I thought the menu looked workable for Whole30. He asked me what heat level I wanted (0-10) and I optimistically said a 2. Let me just say, smoke had to have been visibly pouring out of my ears! I couldn't believe how hot it was! I had to wash it down with the rice. And then to add fuel to the fire, I had a few bites of a homemade creole Cheesecake. *sigh* I was good and didn't cheat at all on Sunday. But then I went to a breakfast this morning and even after trying so hard to pick and choose what would be the most Whole30, I still managed to get scrambled eggs with cheese and a fruit salad with added sweetener.

I've learned so many lessons from my previous Whole30's and I would like to share them with my encouraging readers:
1.) Learning self-control- I used to lack a stop button. That is not to say I would eat a whole box of donuts or a big bag of chips in one sitting, but I definitely went overboard in how I ate food and how much I consumed. I can't even fathom the thought of it anymore!
2.) Accepting my body with all of its curves, imperfections, and not being critical of myself. I know that both God and my husband think I am beautiful and that is all that matters! 
3.) Viewing a whole foods diet as a means of healing my body, not just stuff we eat to keep alive.
4.) Learning to respectfully share my life change without pushing my views on other people. Different things work for different people and I can respect that. :-)
5.) Finding what foods trigger hyperactivity and health issues in my children. Since we have changed our 4 year old son's diet, his behavior has been night and day. It's 100% worth it for that reason alone! 

It has been SOOOO worth every extra penny spent, every hour spent in the kitchen, and every minute researching recipes and methods of saving time.

Food is healing and much cheaper and long lasting than medication.

My conclusion is this: I'm just too busy right now for a strict Whole30. I've got two healthy and energetic children, numerous church activities, playdates, etc. and it's just not compatible to eating so strictly. I'm not going to beat myself up because I've started and not completed two different Whole30's. I'm going to look on the bright side and be encouraged by the two Whole30's I DID complete in October and January. Just because I failed doesn't mean I should quit. And did I really fail? I've learned valuable lessons, I feel about 85% better, I've lost almost 70 pounds and close to 50 inches, and I have a new outlook at life. I also still eat 100% paleo, so in reality, that's still very healthy. :-D I hope to do another Whole30 in May. :-)

Failure smailure. I feel pretty good right about now. :-)


(for anyone seeking more information about the Whole30 and Paleo ways of eating, check out this site. It has been truly life changing!: http://www.whole9life.com )



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